Little Joys: Exercising Outside


There is nothing like getting outside and exercising to brighten your day. Being outside always makes me feel just a little better. I especially like going for interesting walks. I’ve also been doing a little bike riding lately, but my butt gets SO sore!

Elle Woods

When you think about why exercising outdoors makes you feel good, it really makes sense. We all know that exercise releases endorphins which make you happy (thanks Elle Woods!). Not only that, but sunlight boosts serotonin production. This makes you feel happier, calmer and more focused. Sunlight also stimulates vitamin D production, which helps to keep bones strong and may help to prevent some cancers. No wonder it always perks me up!

If you are going outside, remember to slip, slop, slap! (To my non-Aussie friends, that means ‘slip’ on a long sleeved shirt, ‘slop’ on some sunscreen, and ‘slap’ on a hat!). Because nothing spoils a good mood like getting a sunburn!

What do you like to do to boost your mood?

Erica xx


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