5 Things I Would Like to Do By the End of the Year

It’s July 1st today  – okay, okay… So it’s not technically July 1st in Australia anymore, but it is still the 1st somewhere, right?!   We are at the half-way point of the year, so it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on how this year is going, a sort of ‘mid year resolutions’ if you will.

So here I am, back with another ‘5 thing’s Friday (err, Saturday..). Here are 5 things that I would like to do by the end of the year.


Get my skin under control
My skin has been acting up a bit recently. Nothing major, just uneven skin texture. I think that it’s a combination of a few things. I’ve been a little lax with my skincare routine, which is especially bad considering how dry it is in winter! Also, I haven’t been great at drinking water. How I’m making it a reality: I’m going to simplify my skin care routine, so that it doesn’t feel like such a hurdle. Hopefully this will make me less likely to rush off in the morning without properly washing my face! I also need to be drinking more water, which brings me to my next goal…

Drink more water
How many times do we hear that we should be drinking more water?! Apparently drinking enough water boosts energy, promotes a healthy weight, helps with kidney function, improves skin complexion, helps with digestion, boosts the immune system, prevents headaches and prevents cramps and strains. That’s a lot of benefits from only 2 litres (or 8 8-ounce glasses) of water! I don’t think I’m too far off of that… I think I probably get about 5 or 6 glasses in a day. I’m hoping that by thinking about how much water I drink, I will increase my intake and hopefully I will notice a difference. How I’m making it a reality: I’m going to make sure I drink a glass of water at every meal, so that’s 3 down… Then, I’m going to aim to drink two more in between breakfast and lunch, two after lunch, and one after dinner.

Run 3 times a week
I would really like to get back to running regularly. I had just started to get into running recently when some knee problems came back.  How I’m making it a reality: I’ve started wearing my orthotics daily, so I’m hoping that I can start up again without injuring myself. Also, I’m going to aim to get my run in before work, so that I can’t put it off at the end of the day.


Spend more time with family
Family is so important to me. Unfortunately most of my family don’t live where I live. This makes it difficult to keep in touch. How I’m making it a reality: I’m getting on a plane! Or really, several planes. I am super excited to travel! I will be visiting Sydney, Melbourne, and I’m even heading to the US and Canada!


Blog 3 times a week
I feel like I’m finally starting to find a bit of a rhythm with posting to my blog! Posting 3 times a week can sometimes feel like a bit of a stretch, but it is definitely doable! How I’m making it a reality: It’s a lot easier to blog when I do things ahead of time (yes, I know that I’m off to a bad start)! I’m aiming to be 3 blogs (or one week) ahead. So, if something comes up – like going out with friends, I’m not falling behind.

Do you have any goals for the second half of 2016?

Erica xx


6 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Like to Do By the End of the Year

  1. my goal is to also blog more, lets see how this goes. i recently bought a happy planner so maybe actually seeing how many times i have and have not posted will help me post more.☺ nice post!

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