DIY: Tea Storage Magnets

DSC_3610_Fotor_Fotor.jpgI love a good DIY. I also love a good cup of tea – as evidenced by my last blog post! I also love cute storage. So what better to do than a tea storage DIY?!

My favourite tea shop is T2. They make a seriously good brew and have really cute packaging. The only problem is that cardboard isn’t very sturdy, and it the tea can get a little stale. Luckily T2 also makes cute storage jars (this is sounding a lot like an advertisement, haha – sadly, they do not sponsor me!). Unfortunately, the magnets don’t do a lot for me, I prefer the colourful labels on the cardboard. So I thought, why not make my own magnets using the cardboard on the box?

DIY Magnets

What you need:

  • Magnet with adhesive (if you can’t find this, just use a good glue)
  • Cardboard or paper label
  • Scissors or an exacto knife

How to do it:


  1. Cut the label down so that it’s a little bigger than you want it.
  2. Next, cut out a square of the magnet that is the same size as the label.
  3. Then, just peel back the paper from the adhesive magnet and stick the label on the magnet.
  4. Finally, trim the magnet down to size

Voila, there it is! Too easy, right?

Erica xx


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