Little Joys: A good cup of tea


I really enjoy having a good cup of tea. I usually drink bagged tea, because I find that it is a lot more convenient than loose-leaf tea. That is, until I bought this amazing tea for one teapot/teacup duo. I recently stayed with my sister, and while I was there, I used one of her individual teapot/teacups. I am in LOVE! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it is also incredibly practical. It’s lead to me trying more interesting teas as well. I got this one from T2, an Australian tea boutique that is starting to make waves overseas as well. I’m sure there are tonnes of other places you can get these sort of teapots, but the T2 ones are really well made and I think that the patterns are beautiful!


Is there anything better than cuddling up on the sofa with a cosy blanket and a steaming hot cup of tea? Having a cup of tea is something that I do almost every day, and it brings just a little more joy to my life!


I got sick of guessing which tea was in each container, so I made some magnets to stick on the containers! Keep your eyes peeled for a tea magnet DIY coming up on Tuesday!

What little things do you like to do to bring a little bit of joy into every day?

Erica xx

This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own 😊


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