May Favourites

My favourites list is a little short this month (less is more, right… right?? :S), but it is full of genuine favourites. After blogging recently about mindful consuming, I’ve really tried to stop buying new products (eek!) and instead focus on what I already have. The result is less waste and more money to pad my bank account, but it means that I don’t really have anything new to show you. However, it has lead me to rediscover some old favourites. So without further ado, here are my May favourites!



This month I rescued a rabbit! His name is Reginald and he is a tiny little cutie! My childhood rabbit CJ passed away over a year ago after 10 long and happy years, and his passing left a massive hole in my heart. This month I finally felt ready for another little bunny, and I knew that I wanted to give a good life to a rescue. So a few weeks ago I went to the shelter to pick him up. I’ve really loved getting to know him this month, and he has already brought so much joy to my life! Plus, who can resist that little face!


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This will hardly be a surprise to you if you read my last post! I really loved this book. It was a beautiful story and incredibly thought provoking. I read it in a day and I have been thinking about it ever since. I could go on and on about it (and I have…! If you want to hear more of my thoughts, check out my book review). The movie is coming out this month and I’m sure that it will be a favourite too!


Dream Cream by Lush

I’ve loved lush lotions for a long time, but I had stopped using them on a daily basis while I was trying out other things. This month I rediscovered Dream Cream. I love it because it is so soothing and calming, especially after shaving. It has a light fragrance that smells a little bit like a cozy hug (is that even possible?). Despite feeling really light, it is really nice and moisturizing even as we head into a dry winter!


The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory

Another old favourite that has found its way back into my life this month! It’s super moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. I especially like to use it on areas that tend to get quite dry, like knees, heels and elbows. Sadly I’m almost finished the tub – I’m seriously debating whether I should break my no-new-products rule and pick up another one! So good!

So those were my May favourites! What were yours? 🙂

xx Erica


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