Despite not posting for quite some time, I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot. I jumped head first into my blog at the beginning, and I’ve been so excited to read your comments and feel like I’m becoming a part of this community. I have had the desire to be a blogger for a while. I really enjoy reading things that other people have written. I love hearing about peoples experiences, whether its about a new make up product, or a great place to have breakfast, or even a great book recommendation.

There are a lot of bloggers (and YouTubers) who I really admire, from Jen of Pretty Neat Living, to Jess of SunbeamsJess, and Fleur of Fleur de Force. I’ve started considering why I like them so much. Was it their knowledge of products? Or the clothes they wear? Or the vibe of their content? That definitely plays into it. But what really draws me into their content is their personality, their voice. I jumped straight into blogging without thinking what my voice was. Yes, I enjoy skincare products and make up, but I’m hardly an expert. I also like cooking and gardening, but I’m not a chef, nor a plant expert. What is my voice? What do I want?

I want to be happy.

I know that it sounds sort of trite to say that ‘I want to be happy’. What I mean is that I want to make happiness a priority. For too long, happiness has been on the back-burner, while things like studying, career development and caring for other people took priority. These are obviously very important things, and they remain very important to me. But, what I’ve come to realize recently, is that if I’m unhappy, I’m not very good at doing other things.

So I want to create a life of joy (after all, that is my middle name!). I want this blog to be a little joyful corner of the internet. I want to explore what it is that makes me happy, and work out how to fit it into my day to day life. I hope that something I do here resonates with you and helps bring a little more joy and happiness into your life.

Erica   xx


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